Budding Scientists preschool incursions give children from the ages 4 and older the opportunity to experience their own personal “wow” moments of discovery! The hands-on science workshops run for approximately 1 hour, consisting of a 15 minute show and 45 minutes moving around hands-on stations. Little scientists can indulge their natural curiosity, discover, create and explore with your choice of one of the following programs:

My Grandma’s Toys 

Classic, much-loved toys of yesteryear! Little scientists will need to discover how to make these battery free toys go. When and why does the Jack-in-the-box pop up? How can you see around corners? How can a spring walk down stairs? What toy makes constantly changing, beautiful patterns and colours? Find the answers to these questions and many more!

Gravity and Other Groovy Forces

What makes things go this way, that way, up, down and around? Little scientists will push, pull, twist, lift, turn and stomp to uncover how these activities work. How much power can air really have? How does the eagle remain so well balanced? Can you really make a car go using only a rubber band? Why is there a tornado in the bottle? Find out more about those really groovy forces!

Using Your Senses

Little scientists will use their hands, eyes, ears and nose to explore experiments that will intrigue their senses. Can you make your own little cartoon? Find out what happened to the disappearing coin! What is making that beautiful music? Why are my sultanas floating and sinking? What do the mystery black squares do? Oh my senses!

All programs require

  • access to the room half an hour before the show for set up
  • 10-15 tables set up around the perimeter of the room with a space for students to sit on the floor during the introduction & demonstrations
  • half an hour pack up time at the conclusion of the program

Workshop costs are $300, with discounts applied for multiple bookings. Please contact us for more details.

Staff are encouraged to participate and take photos! Teacher notes summarising the science behind each activity will also be provided. Risk assessments available upon request.