Stepping out of your comfort zone

Well, I guess I should say, MY comfort zone! I can stand in front of a hall filled with kids and demonstrate complex scientific concepts using crazy demonstrations, but this whole posting online thing is pretty new to me. So forgive me if I make a complete hash of it – like a young child, I’ll learn by doing, make a few mistakes along the way, ask for advice and maybe take it (or not) and I’ll get better! If you’re willing to join me on this journey, I promise to try to get better (shorter, longer, more relevant, funnier, more educational … whatever better means)! So thanks for popping by today! As this is my first ever post, I’ll keep it super short, with just a weblink to one of my favourite YouTube channels. If you’ve never heard of Steve Spangler, you’re in for a treat!

Disclaimer: Budding Scientists is not affiliated with, or paid endorsers for any of the sites provided (mores the shame!) Select experiments from these sites have been tried, tested and given a thumbs-up by little scientists under strict parental supervision. Not all experiments are suitable for all ages. Please choose experiments responsibly!

3 thoughts on “Stepping out of your comfort zone

  1. LP says:

    I think it’s great that you stepping out of your comfort zone benefits others with your love of making exploration fun. As my little nephew would say “Double thumbs up!”

  2. Richelle says:

    You are just wonderful Lana and any children you educate are very lucky little people. Wishing you all the luck in the world on your exciting venture ?

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